Shauna Hill, 1996-2012

Shauna_HillOn December 10, 2012, our 16 year old daughter Shauna was in a car accident that left her in a coma. She had suffered from a traumatic brain injury and blunt force trauma.  While in her comma, we talked to her, prayed with her, and read her Christmas stories.  Her miniature schnauzer Buddy lay by her side hoping to see her wake.  Shauna went into surgery December 18th and expectantly passed away.  In the deepest sorrow of our lives and just a week before Christmas, the loss of our daughter was the catalyst in the decision to donate her heart, pancreas, kidneys, and liver. Our thought being that another family receives a gift of life during the holiday season.   Shauna’s funeral was December 23rd, and she was buried December 26th.  The road where her accident had occurred was overdue for changes and following Shauna’s accident, changes were made that would have prevented her death.  Shauna was a very special spirit in our family, and left profound and deep love in our hearts so much so, that we found it important to help remember her with a legacy of love and compassion for others.

Shauna was the most inspiring person I have ever met not only because she was my daughter and I her mother, but because she wanted to change the world.  Shauna had the wisdom of someone with years of life, was loved by everyone who knew her, and after her passing by those who did not know her.  Her smiling eyes were a window to her kind and sincere soul.  She had the virtues of tolerance, kindness, understanding for others different than her, fortitude, and counsel.  She smiled constantly and her laugh hearty.  Her attitude so fabulous, she could have been a life coach for all of us.  She would play her violin to calm the nerves of her adopted neurologically damaged hamster.  She left behind her three hermit crabs with us that we care for with same passion and love she gave them.  Shauna was an environmentalist loving animals, the earth, and educating others about energy conversation.  She dreamed of attending Stanford University.  This quote was written by Shauna and a reflection of how she lived her life even though only through adolescence.  “You are born with a heart of gold, and some hearts rust and deteriorate, but a rare few gold hearts beat strong for a lifetime, and die as a diamond”

Her school accomplishments were National Honor Society, and a member of Key Club which is a mentorship program that introduces new students to friendship opportunities.  Shauna was also a self-taught violinist who became a member of her high school orchestra that eventually played in New York City at Carnage Hall.  Shauna was recently awarded a Congressional Youth Bronze and Silver Medal for several hundred hours of community service, personal development, physical fitness, and exploring or adventure.  Her community services included volunteering for the City of Boise teaching in the Learn to Skate program, 2009 World Special Olympics, and the Idaho Special Olympics.  She worked at the Salvation Army Food Bank during the holidays, stocked shelves for the Eagle Food Bank, and volunteered at the Eagle Public Library where she spent much of her time reading.

Shauna was also a competitive figure skater, a proud member of the Boise Figure Skating Club, and placed at two US Figure Skating Regional events in 2009 and 2011.  She qualified for and competed in a 2012 National Qualifier, and that same year she qualified for and participated in the US Figure Skating National Solo Ice Dancing Championships.  She earned two of US Figure Skating’s highest testing awards which were Novice Freeskate Bronze Medalist, and Junior Moves in the Field Silver Medalist.

Shauna's end of this life became a bridge to five new lives.  For our family, organ donation was the last act of love in the name of our loved one.  For those who were recipients of Shauna’s organs, our hope for them is that they live a long, healthy, and happy life.