Sarah Asmus, 1993-2011

Sarah Asmus, 18 years young, always was an organ donor because she has always been compelled to help others. Sarah was a beautiful red head, green eyes, hard working, fun loving, validictorian of her class. First semester at the University of Idaho, she was majoring in Premed. Sarah completed one of her math classes in 3 weeks. She was a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Sarah was also hired over a large pool of applicants to a position in student government at the U of I. All of this in 2.5 months of her first semester at college.

Sarah could not wait till thanksgiving when she would be reunited with her sister, Dad, and Mom (me). She was a passenger in the front seat of a car, wearing her seatbelt. Sarah’s family was waiting to meet her in a town halfway home, she never showed. Sarah’s family drove 2.5 more hours to the hospital. Sarah never gained conciousness. We held her hand, stroked her brow, sang and talked to her. We were there with her.

The only comfort in the hospital those 24 hours was learning that there were two recipients already who would benifit from her kidneys.   This is our family’s story. Christmas is here. I hope the two kidney recipients are living every moment to the maximum, both for their sake and for our family.