Kenny Kranz, 1981 – 2016

Kenny- People Who Inspire“Kenny was 34 years old and was one of the sweetest and kindest people you would ever want to meet. He was my baby and one of my best friends. Kenny was an amazing artist, selling some of his work at Comic Con and many of us were lucky enough to receive his works of art for birthday and Christmas gifts. He had several tattoos and also was a tattoo artist, giving me the 2 I have. If you ask anyone who knew him what he is known for, they would tell you kindness. He had the word kindness tattooed across his knuckles. When I asked why he did that and his answer was simple, “I’m gonna kill ém with kindness”. Kenny loved hiking, floating down a river, camping, being in the outdoors, drawing, painting, and spending time with friends and family. He loved all kinds of music. He would sometimes sing karaoke; he loved going to see live music, and was very proud of his vinyl record collection. He was an avid reader and loved movies. He had a vast book and movie collection as well. Kenny suffered with depression during the last 4 years of his short life and sadly, it got the best of him in June of 2016. He wanted to be an organ donor and his gifts saved 3 lives. I have written to and received letters back from the 3 men whose lives he saved. Their letters touched my heart knowing that Kenny is still alive in them. One day I hope to meet these men. The people at Pacific Northwest Transplant Bank are simply the best. They are angels; it takes a very special kind of person to do their job. I will be forever grateful to them.”

Kenny's Mom,