Justin Garron Boyce 1994-2012

Justin Boyce

How do you sum up the short life of your beautiful son, as well as share the love and pride for him in just a couple of short paragraphs?  This is something I’ve been struggling with for just over a year now, and have finally come to terms with, and wanted to share it with the world.

Justin was a happy, healthy, radiant  17 year old young man who enjoyed the outdoors, as well as the love of his close family and friends.  He was an avid ice hockey player, bmx-ing, skateboarding, guitar playing, beat-boxing class clown that had the biggest, most loving heart.  He would be found wearing crazy Christmas and Halloween sweaters, regardless of what time of year it was, just to get a smile out of his peers.  He was especially adored and admired by his younger sister Emily, and will forever be adored by his family and friends as we honor his life.  Justin loved going to the coast with family, camping, hiking, anything that would get him outdoors and moving!  Although he lived for just 17 short years, those years were completely filled with love, life and laughter.

Justin’s decision to donate came from him acquiring his driver’s permit in January 2012.  I couldn’t have been more proud to know that our son, once again, would think of others should something detrimental happen to him.  Sadly, the following month, we lost Justin in a tragic accident.  He couldn’t have known the many lives he would save and improve through his selfless decision, but we have been blessed to get to know a few of them, and I am proud to call them family.   Thank you to the staff at PNTB for helping our family navigate through our grief, and to help us become acquainted with the families our son is living on in.  We will continue to share Justin’s legacy for the rest of our lives.