Gary Dean Lodge, 1970-2005

Gary Lodge is my son.  He was my best friend.  But other than that he was a great human being. He was funny, kind and a great listener.  Some of his favorite things were camping, especially snow camping, astronomy, reading, coffee, his friends and family and having a small impact on our world.  He loved the outdoors.  Gary was also a writer.  He had almost finished his first novel.  He had written many short stories and some poetry.  He thought poetry was the hardest.  Gary was humble.  I found after his passing that a great many of his friends found in him many of the same qualities that I did.  For me to hear about the wonderful way that he helped, usually by listening, was comforting.  I have always been very proud of him.  I am glad that he was able to assist others and of the giving of himself.  He felt that relationships are what we leave as a legacy.  So do I.