Eric Scott Jahn, 1971-2008

Eric died on May 15, 2008 from a brain aneurysm at age 37.  He adored his 7 yr. old son and looked forward to dirt bike and quad riding activities when his son got older.  Eric had a strong, dedicated work ethic and in his spare time enjoyed fishing and camping.  He loved to cook and regularly entertained his friends and family with BBQ gatherings.  Eric loved mowing his lawn and obsessed over having the best looking lawn in the neighborhood.  Friends called him the “Martha Stewart” of yard work.  Life was never boring around Eric. He didn’t know to relax because his days were full.  He had a smile, laugh and and energy for life that was exhausting to anyone around him.  And he was always willing to make time to help anyone in need.  His decision to become an organ, eye, and tissue donor is a testament to his caring nature.  We are very grateful that many lives have benefited from his gift of life.  We’ve been honored and blessed to have developed a relationship with Eric’s liver recipient, Billy, and have plans to meet this summer 2011.  We love you and miss you, Eric, and look forward to our reunion in Heaven.Our Eternal Love,
Mom, Dad, Chris, Julie & Trystan