Elijah Edward Coe, 1972-2019


 Elijah Edward Coe was born May 11, 1972, in the county of Kent, United Kingdom. He left this world on May 8th, 2019, three days before his 47th birthday.

Elijah was a loving father to our 17 year old son, and loved it most when we were all together on a family camping trip, exploring all Oregon had to offer. We had many camping trips over our 21 years of marriage, and he was most happy when on a road trip, finding new places and making new memories with our family of three. Of course our pups were always along for the adventure!

Elijah was as cheeky as you could get, and there are so many stories that have been shared by people, quite literally, from all over the world. The common thread was the compassion he had for so many, always motivating them to do better, be better, and supporting them in finding their own journey in life.

He was an Executive Chef by trade, honing his skills in the British Royal Navy, creating amazing dishes for Officers, and even on the Royal Brittania, for the Royal Family. He traveled all over the world, learning about different cultures and cooking techniques. He left it all behind, to marry me and move to New York City, where we began our life together. I am not sure his mother ever forgave me for taking her British son away to America!

We moved to Texas, which he loved immensely, right before our son was born. We made many great friends, however my heart was not settled and needed to be closer to family in Washington. I don’t think he ever forgave me for leaving Texas, but he knew it was what I needed, and put our son and I first. We moved to Portland 7 years later, both offered jobs in a city we fell in love with. Portland was the only place we are all agreed upon and equally loved. We were so happy here, and just starting to establish our roots when he died.

He was riding his motorcycle, when someone did not stop at a stop sign, forcing him into another lane, and crashed head on with another car. He was wearing a helmet and body armor, it still was not enough. He was in a coma until we had to remove him from life support (his wish), and never really had the chance to say goodbye.

His final gift was to donate all of his organs and tissue to research. Before the procedure, all of the doctors and nurses lined the hall in honor of our dear Elijah. It was both heartbreaking and moving, but also gave us strength in knowing by fulfilling Elijah’s wishes, he was saving the lives of others.