Brian Jack Robinson, 1985-1993

“Brian Jack my son, to me he was truly a miracle…born nine months and five days after I welcomed his older brother Colin (age four months) from Korea. “0” to two…1985 was quite a year!  Brian was sweet and fun and even wise beyond his young years. He loved baseball, he loved to watch it and he loved to play. Even at age 3 he was able to throw the ball up and connect with the bat sending it sailing.Brian was very compassionate always concerned about others, he  was going to be a(fireman)”fierman” when he grew up…but the growing up part never happened, Brian died when he was just seven, taken suddenly one day without warning in a terrible accident. And so he became special in yet another way, a tissue donor corneas and heart valves.

I will always miss him, but am so very grateful for our years together and his ability to be a donor.”

Leslie Coefield,
Brian’s Mom