PNTB provides a full complement of organ recovery services:

  • Clinical procurement
    • Respond to potential donor referrals
    • Lead medical management of the donor
    • Place organs for transplant (using the national waiting list)
    • Coordinate the incoming surgical team’s arrival
    • Assist in the operating room
  • Hospital services
    • Work with hospitals to ensure collaboration on organ and tissue donation
    • Provide education to hospitals as needed
    • Assist with organ and tissue donation policy development
    • Provide statistics specific to a given hospital’s referral and donor activity
    • Provide continuing education for nurses and physicians
    • Conduct medical record reviews to ascertain a hospital’s donor potential (PNTB’s goals include increasing the donation conversion rate to 75 percent and obtaining 100 percent referral of imminent deaths.)
  • Family services
    • Provide follow-up and support to donor families
    • Facilitate donor family and recipient communication